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This on-line gallery offers you original artwork by artist Kevin P. Comeau for purchase, as well as some previously sold works and pieces from the artist’s private collection, which shows the beauty and extent of the artist’s range. The artist, Kevin P. Comeau, is currently based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Shipping is available world-wide (see details under “Purchasing”). Bilingual customer service is available. We hope that this combination of the artist’s work, for both sale and viewing, will assist you in your choice for commission work that the artist is offering to produce for sale.


The self-taught artist focuses on quality, fine art and the environment. Whenever possible, artist Kevin P. Comeau uses material from the earth, from his surroundings that have a recognizable value to create unique works-of-art (see “About the Artist” for more information).


From the hands of the artist to the hands of the client, each piece is carefully crafted, unique in beauty and quality. The commissioned sculpture is a forever-in-time piece of fine art with a value that will grow and be enjoyed for generations. The artist gives particular attention to the personal experience and the creative process which is captured step by step to offer the buyer a unique keepsake to accompany the completed sculpture.


“I follow my passion of creating three-dimensional art. I sculpt in natural elements using my hands and basic tools to create sculptures with great attention to details and self- taught skills”, explains Kevin P. Comeau, sculptor and multi-media artist. Kevin is a self-taught sculptor. His creation of art focuses mostly on commissioned portrait clay busts and sculptures of other media. He uses his surroundings and natural material to create unique works-of-art. His ‘story’ is filled with passion, dedication and challenges. We hope you explore the rest of this website and feel compelled to learn more about Kevin P. Comeau and become a collector of the artist’s amazing work.

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Kevin P. Comeau est un artiste bilingue. Il compte comme important trois aspects : la qualité, les beaux-arts et l’environnement. L’artiste Kevin P. Comeau utilise du matériel de son environnement qui possède une valeur unique afin de créer ses œuvres d’art (voir sous “About the Artist” pour plus de détails).


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