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Kevin P. Comeau

Kevin P. Comeau is an Acadian Métis, born and raised in Nova Scotia (Canada). He’s an artist – a sculptor – totally self-taught.

Kevin began exploring his artistic talents for over 20 years ago and his passion has lead him to sculpting. He uses his surroundings as one of his motivations to sculpt, inspired by the beautiful shores of Baie Sainte-Marie, of his hometown in the South-West Nova Scotia.

The sculptor’s life has been full of interesting twists and turns (see “His Story”). Kevin’s passions, his past, health issues and the ‘void’ he needed to fill are all influences to why he creates fine art.



I started sculpting in my early thirties, mostly because of health reasons. I didn’t think I had any artistic talent, but one day I tried sculpting and everyone’s reaction were extremely positive, so I kept at it. I’ve created sculptures in wood, plaster, steel, soapstone, stone, clay and bronze.


I love to sculpt what I find in nature – like an old apple tree, a piece of gypsum, driftwood, or natural clay from the beach. I’m intrigued by three-dimensional art, the details and depth of sculptures. I enjoy the challenge of creating a piece of art, representing a person, animal or event as accurately as possible . I focus on exact proportions, intricate details, and the symmetry of what I am creating.


The subjects I sculpt are mostly people, mythological characters, and animals. Their faces and bodies intrigue me. I also have an interest in ‘realism’ and I’m attracted to the anatomic elements of the human body, having been a body builder in my younger years. Sometimes the medium itself inspires me, like the grain of wood, texture of the plaster or shape of the stone in front of me. My background in construction, steelwork, carpentry and millwright also comes into play. All that has given me skills that I use in my practice. The medium in my hands comes to life as I work it.


Currently I’m sculpting clay. I like the ease of clay compared to sculpting in wood, steel or stone which is more physically demanding. With clay, I’m exploring different tools and techniques, using my fingers as tools. I’ve immersed myself in creating portrait busts and clay reliefs.


Last year, I did an Apprenticeship to learn the art of the Lost Wax Process of bronzing. It involved art, science, skill and hard work. It was a rewarding challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed!


Sculpting lets me follow my passion of creating three-dimensional art using my hands and basic, homemade tools. I sculpt in natural elements and create detailed, intricate sculptures using my imagination and self-taught skills.

Kevin Comeau and old car

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  1. This is a really interesting and informative Site! I’m impressed with the articles and all the info. All the Best to you Kevin on your journey into the World of Art and having it displayed to the public. You are extremely talented and it shows in your work. When an Artist is true to their soul, the work they accomplish is awesome. Thank you for sharing your Gift/ Love for Art for all the world to experience and evjoy!

  2. Wonderful website Kevin! I have always loved your work. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

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