Purchasing / Achetez


Methods of Payment

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal



Shipping is provided through Canada Post or Air Canada Cargo.


When the purchased product leaves the sellers property, all responsibility for any damage incurred in shipment and delivery will be the responsibility of the shipping company’s insurance.


Canada Post: Insurance is limited to $5,000 within Canada and $1,000 outside of Canada. Any damage incurred in shipping beyond the limit of insurance will be the responsibility of the purchaser.


Air Canada Cargo: The product will ship to the nearest airport to the buyer’s address or designated destination. Use the order comments section of the checkout page, or contact the seller to elect an airport. The seller will send an email with the arrival time of the shipment and at that point it will be the buyer’s responsibility to pick up the product at that airport or arrange for further delivery and payment of that delivery to their destination point or address. You can find more information on the Air Canada Cargo website.


In the case of delays in shipment of product, any hold at customs or other delay in delivery will not be the responsibility of the seller. The seller will try to be of aide with any documentation required for customs in the event of delay.


Depending on what country of destination is involved with shipping, some documentation may be required. Contact the artist for this information.


A receipt and a Letter of Authenticity is included in shipping.



Numerous factors affect pricing. The artist will discuss details with the client.


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PURE ELEMENTS est une entreprise billingue.


Nous comptons comme important trois aspects : la qualité, les beaux-arts et l’environnement.


L’artiste Kevin P. Comeau utilise du matériel de son environnement qui possède une valeur unique afin de créer ses oeuvres d’art (voir sous “About the Artist” pour plus de détails).


Veuillez noter que toute l’information sur ce site Web sera traduite sous-peu.


Nous vous remercions à l’avance de votre patience.


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